As we stand at the stake of the bonfire of the vanities, we have already declared that we are going to laugh at the bad luck over that cursed number in this 13th edition. A foolish and mocking spirit that Javier Jaén has brilliantly reflected in the festival’s poster and its animated version. Our guest  Raquel Sastre will also walk under the ladder this coming Friday, 16, at Naukas, where she will address the topic of superstition. An event that, along with the other thirteen in our programme (so fourteen, just in case), will take place, if no one else can help it, from 29 September onwards. For we may not be superstitious, but we are a bit crazy. As we like to juggle with trilite and waltz in a volcano crater, we present the programme on this website and to the media on a Tuesday (Non-Friday) the thirteenth: don’t walk under a ladder, cross paths with a black cat, or break a mirror!

The swamp is about to break ground. Black cats will be dyed in Garfield orange. Because as Mao, the bad guy, said, the important thing is not the colour of the cat, but the fact that it catches mice.

Juan Bas and Carolina Ontivero

Directors of the festival