Interview · Aloma Rodríguez

Her prominent white tuft of fringes and the punkish procrastination she uses to express herself – has any writer ever discussed pubic waxing more than she has – characterise Caitlin Moran’s style. She has been doing so ever since her Groucho-like manifesto of feral, Marxist feminism, ‘How to be a woman‘, became a worldwide literary phenomenon. Moran believes that there is no room for analysis or social change without jokes. That is why, without ceasing to claim to be a feminist – out loud and standing on a chair, «because everything is more exciting if you do it on a chair» – she has tackled subjects such as fame (‘How to be famous’) and adolescence (‘How to build a girl’). Nor has she ever stopped laughing at everything, starting with herself. She does so now as a mature woman in ‘More than a woman‘. The time has come to tackle such thorny issues as the ravages of the passage of time, and her teenage daughter’s eating disorder or sex with her long-term partner -that maintenance fuck on Fridays at nine o’clock, which, having gone public, she has had to reschedule after prompting her friends to think it would be a good idea to call her at that time-. All digested Caitlin Moran-style: once filtered through her lucid gaze and blessedly cheeky wit. We’ve been waiting years for her visit to the festival. To proclaim our joy, we will do so conveniently from a chair. And we will encourage her interviewer, Aloma Rodríguez, to welcome her on stage like this.

English with simultaneous translation.

Invitations can be downloaded from 24 September.

Book signing after the event.

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