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Jorge Guerricaechevarría & Diego San José
Jorge Guerricaechevarría & Diego San José

This pair of Basque scriptwriters, Guerricaechevarría and San José, is linked, in turn, to their fellow creative partners, Álex de la Iglesia and Borja Cobeaga. As a result of the work of the four of them, great comedies of Spanish cinema have been written, such as ‘El día de la bestia’, ‘Muertos de risa’, ‘Ocho apellidos vascos’ or ‘Fe de etarras’. Guerricaechevarría and San José have also worked with other directors and screenwriters. They prefer shared writing. Guerricaechevarría because he says that it is convenient for him to write alongside the director while the latter translates the film into images. San José, because «writing screenplays is too long and boring a process to do it alone». If it’s a comedy, he thinks it helps to have someone at your side «to laugh from time to time and to test the gags». During their chat, they will talk about these and other issues related to their profession: the respect of the public and critics for the genre, the sub-genres within comedy, or the convenience, when writing, of pursuing laughter or finding it unexpectedly when dealing with a severe event that ends up turning out to be a satirical comedy. These and other issues are yet to be written in the script of this dialogue.

Invitations can be downloaded from 24 September.