Magic Show · Zur eta Lur
Imanol Ituiño
Imanol Ituiño

Imanol Ituiño is an illusionist. According to the Tax Office, he is a playwright at times, a film and theatre director at other times, a caricaturist and an eccentric. He is passionate about magic viewed from all the senses. Practising it, knowing its history, spreading it. In his illusionist acts, he likes to pull some little historical-divulgative touch out of the hat to dazzle the audience. He will do so, without going any further, in the new show he is presenting at our festival. Zur eta Lur’ is a renewed demonstration of the talent and grace of Imanol Ituiño; a magic and humour show for the whole family that will bring laughter and excitement to children and adults alike in the auditorium of the UPV/ EHU, more accustomed to the grimaces and frowns of congressmen and students. It would be prodigious, as a finale to this text, to recall here the words on humour and magic of the great Guatemalan poet Cristina Sánchez Ferlosio. It would be, were it not that we have asked our protagonist about them and, abracadabra, they have disappeared from his memory.

Magic show for all the family.

Invitations can be downloaded from 24 September.