Interview · Manuel Vilas
Jose María Merino
Jose María Merino

In literature, Jose María Merino has cultivated all narrative genres, poetry, and essays. He has written novels, fairy tales, children’s and young people’s literature, and even oral narrative, a custom deeply rooted in León, the city he is closely linked to. But his hallmark is the short story, a genre he is one of the leading representatives of in Spain. His stories are characterised by fantasy content, delving into the strangeness and wonders hidden beneath reality. Also, humour is the hallmark of his work. An irony that aims to play down the seriousness of what surrounds us and to mark a sceptical, yet tender, distance from things; to encourage reflection based on a bitter smile. Merino belongs to the Cervantes tradition that speaks of what is essential with the help of laughter. Also, of the word, in its correct and precise use. He does so not only because he is a member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Language (RAE) but also as a tool that he considers essential «to live more and better; to play and do magic». Recognised in 2012 with the Premio Nacional de las Letras for «his mastery and excellence», Merino continues to approach each of his books with the curiosity and daring of a newcomer. He will discuss this with the writer Manuel Vilas, who is related to him for many reasons.

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Book signing after the event.

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