Conversation · Cheesy and Tacky
Mercedes Cebrián, Alberto Olmos & Jimina Sabadú
Mercedes Cebrián, Alberto Olmos & Jimina Sabadú

Cheesy and tacky are two words we often use. Sometimes in the same sentence. Although they could be considered antonyms, a sort of antagonistic Mrs Cheesy and Mr Tacky, this couple may have more in common than we think. We have summoned them to a date where tea will be served in amber Duralex cups, and boleros by Los Panchos will be played. We’ll try to see if they make a match and, above all, what Jimina Sabadú, author of ‘La conquista de Tinder‘ and, therefore, an expert in this type of similarities and rejections, has to say about it. At least, in this social network that, she defines, can be as much a «betting house of the heart» as the «toilets of a bus station». Sabadú has also brought to life in her novels a class of «trashy characters from the world of show business», as Alberto Olmos writes in his essay ‘Vidas baratas. El elogio de lo cutre‘. In it, Olmos refuses to see «the slightest similarity between tacky and cheesy» and makes a clear distinction between the former’s usual dubious companions: the cheesy, the corny, the tacky, the crusty, the stale, the rustic, the kitsch. In short, it is resistant to polyamory. In any case, he prefers to pair the cheesy with the tacky, and for this, he resorts to the examples of other illustrious people who explored cheesiness before us: Umbral and Gómez de la Serna. And finally, we will enjoy listening to Mercedes Cebrián, who, in addition to conducting this trio, will try to demonstrate the similarity of our pair of protagonists. She already did so in ‘Cocido y violonchelo‘, where she does not see so much difference, for example, between the traditional inns serving traditional dishes and the child prodigies exhibited on the networks. In short, we wonder if even this text has not ended up being a bit cheesy and trashy.

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Book signing after the event.