Top 10 Favorite Comedy Sequences
Rosa Belmonte
Rosa Belmonte

A new issue of this fixed festival section features a guest who chooses her ten favourite comedy sequences and discusses them with Juan Bas as they are being screened on stage. Once again, we will try to recreate the atmosphere of a Sunday afternoon film session, with its shared laughter: it’s all about comedy. It is worth experiencing it live for many reasons. Among them because it is a unique session in many ways. It cannot be streamed or watched afterwards. For the first time, this section will not be directed by a filmmaker. Rosa Belmonte has not directed any films, nor is she a filmmaker. Although she could perfectly do it in the same style as Robert Mitchum, who, unselfconsciously, thought that anyone could do it. After watching Rin-Tin-Tin, he decided to become an actor, thinking that «if the dog can do it, so can I». How do we know this? You would have to ask Rosa Belmonte, who often details anecdotes like this in her columns, making the most of her countless hours of life spent watching films (and TV, even on several screens at the same time) and paying attention to the most curious details -which she remembers with the uncanny memory of a Funes-. As if that weren’t enough, Rosa Belmonte also writes for the film magazine Fotogramas and participates in José Luis Garci’s programme Classics (Trece).

Invitations can be downloaded from 24 September.

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