Ja! Festival

Ja! International Festival of Literature and Art with Humour celebrates humour on arts and especially in literature; humour understood in its broadest sense and as an expression of intelligence, civilisation and joie de vivre.

Max Ja! Festival


Since 2010, Ja! has been held at the beginning of autumn at various locations in Bilbao.

The festival program is diverse, with space for reflection and fun. Ja! combines conversations on the most varied topics and interviews with the most interesting authors with exhibitions, competitions and performances.

All activities are free of charge for the public.

This video summarises more than ten years of the festival:

Editions Historical


We’ve held an annual edition since 2010. Even during the pandemic. And that’s counting…

Please take a look at all the good and great ones we’ve hosted at the festival every year.


John Cleese, Tom Sharpe, Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Crumb, Martin Amis, Ismail Kadare, Julian Barnes, Nick Hornby, Jeanette Winterson, Michel Houellebecq, Emmanuel Carrère, Jean Echenoz, Caitlin Moran, Javier Cansado, Elvira Lindo, Juan Carlos Ortega, Forges… have all attended our festival.

Historical protagonists
Historical Exhibitions


We have organised numerous exhibitions since 2010. These include ‘Quino by Mafalda’, ‘Paco Roca: ‘Dibujante Ambulante’, ‘Panóptica Max 1973-2016’ and ‘Gloria Fuertes Centenario’. In 2022 we produced our first exhibition in conjunction with its protagonist: ‘Javier Jaén. ‘Round One’, available for touring.


Festival talks in audio format.
To take them along for the ride.


Access our video archive containing the more than one hundred talks we have offered at the festival since 2010.