Flavita Banana

(Flavia Álvarez-Pedrosa, Barcelona, 1987) studied Arts and Design along with Illustration, both at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, juggling all imaginable jobs. At the age of 26 and after giving up with any other style, she began to draw humorous cartoons, based on a simple line and the humour of someone who no longer expects anything. At 29 she was able to abandon office living thanks to articles in S Moda, Orgullo y Satisfacción, Revista Mongolia and El País. She has published the books ‘Curvy’ (Lumen, 2016), ‘Las cosas del querer’ (Lumen, 2017), ‘Archivos estelares’ (¡Caramba!, 2017), ‘Archivos cósmicos’ (¡Caramba!, 2019) and ‘Archivos Espaciales’ (¡Caramba!, 2020). In 2018 she won the Gat Perich International Humour Prize. Her work has been portrayed as sad humour, a mixture of everyday life and absurdity.