Gaizka Chamizo

(Galdakao, 1987). Graduate in Education and Diploma in Special Education at the UPV/ EHU, he acts as a clown, teacher and actor for film and theatre. Among his films, he has participated in the feature film ‘Maixabel’ by Iciar Bollaín, the short film ‘Si te mueres te mato’ by Erik Campos and the webseries ‘Hola mundo cruel’ by Tantaka TV. As a stage actor, he took part in the opera ‘Erwartung’ at the Arriaga Theatre in 2021, worked in the award-winning play ‘Amatxik dixit’ as well as in the show ‘Lurrak’. He will soon be a supporting actor in the feature film ‘Irati’ by Paul Urkijo and in the show Narziso, by Borobil teatroa. He won the award for Best Actor at the Pabellón 6 Short Theatre Conference. Salaketa. 2021 and the Kriseilu Award for best production in Basque at the Pabellón 6 Short Theatre Conference in 2019 for Amatxik dixit.