Aloma Rodríguez

(Zaragoza, 1983) She graduated in Hispanic Philology. She has published ‘París tres’ (2007), ‘Jóvenes y guapos’ (2010, Narrative Prize of the University of Zaragoza), ‘Solo si te mueves’ (2013) and ‘Los idiotas prefieren la montaña‘ (2016); all of them published by Xordica. Her latest book is ‘Siempre quiero ser lo que no soy‘ (Milenio, 2021), gathering a series of disturbing, sad and humorous stories that “portray the unexpected and exciting strangeness of everyday life” and that can be read as a novel. Some of her stories have been included in different magazines and anthologies. She regularly writes for Heraldo de
Aragón and Letras Libres and is also a collaborator on Radio 3. She is a French translator and was Ahora’s editor and head of the culture section.

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Caitlin Moran (V.O.S.E)


Caitlin Moran

Caitlin Moran V.O.