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Ja! Festival2022
We are now 13 years old, and we'll celebrate it by laughing at ourselves, at misfortune and the superstition surrounding this number associated with calamity. We had already done so with the brilliantly stylish technicolour poster created by Javier Jaén with a black cat under a ladder, whom we put on the extensive retrospective exhibition of his work 'Primer Asalto' (Ja-Ja en el Ja!, he himself said), which was very much appreciated by all kinds of audiences. Caitlin Moran came as a result of the sheer exhaustion from receiving countless invitations, as well as Jonathan Coe, and numerous copies of 'Verbolario' were signed by Rodrigo Cortés. Making fun of the 13th ended up with less trouble than our audacity would have deserved.

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Cómicos de la legua

Cómicos de la leguaI



Lo cutre y lo cursi

Lo cutre y lo cursiI

El guion de comedia

El guion de comediaI

Eduardo Halfon

Eduardo HalfonI



José María Merino & Manuel Vilas

José María Merino & Manuel VilasI

Rodrigo Cortés: Verbolario

Rodrigo Cortés: VerbolarioI

Jonathan Coe

Jonathan CoeI

Caitlin Moran (V.O.S.E)

Caitlin Moran (V.O.S.E)I

Jonathan Coe (V.O.S.E)

Jonathan Coe (V.O.S.E)I

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