Katixa Agirre

(Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1981) She is a Basque writer, PhD in audiovisual communication and lecturer at the UPV/ EHU. She has published the short story collections ‘Sua falta zaigu’ (Elkar, 2007) and ‘Habitat’ (Elkar, 2009). After several children’s and young adult works, in 2015 she published her first novel, ‘Atertu arte Itxaron’ (Elkar, 2015), translated into Spanish as ‘Los turistas desganados’ (Pre-textos, 2017). In October 2018 she published ‘Amek ez dute‘ (Elkar), released the following year in Spanish by Editorial Tránsito as ‘Las madres no‘. This book will soon be adapted into a film by the filmmaker Mar Coll.