Pedro Barea

(Bilbao, 1942) He is a theatre critic and professor at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the UPV/ EHU, teaching subjects related to radio as a means of narrative and sound expression and drama on radio and television. From a very young age, he has been involved in theatrical and cultural activities in Bilbao. He regularly writes criticism and theatre information for the newspaper El Correo and its cultural supplement, Territorios, and participates in radio and television programmes to discuss theatre. In addition to publishing his work in specialised magazines, he has written, among others, the following books: ‘Radio, redacción y guiones’ (Bilbao, Universidad del País Vasco, 1992); ‘La estirpe de Sautier: la época dorada de la radionovela en España (1924-1964)’ (Madrid, El País-Aguilar, 1994) and ‘Teatro de los sonidos, sonidos del teatro: teatro-radio-teatro, ida y vuelta’, linking theatre and radio storytelling.


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