Ane Gebara

Began to explore the world of storytelling in 2016. First in Madrid, at La escuela de Cuenta Cuentos, and later with the storyteller Héctor Uri. She took part in 2017 in the Ahoz Aho competition in Ordizia and has since participated in its festival. That same year, thanks to the Gazte Sortzaileak grant, she decided to take the plunge into storytelling for adults. She created the show ‘Harriak kontatu didatena’ alongside Itziar Rekalde. In 2019, she founded the group Las Marchanillas and the puppet show ‘Ardi latxa oihanean galdu zenekoa’ together with Marta Alzate. Once again, the Gazte Sortzaileak grant in 2018 enabled her to embark on theatre and she created the play ‘Kittorik ez!’ together with Josune Velez de Mendizabal and Jason Guerra.