Was born in Albacete in 1974 and graduated in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Cuenca. He soon took his first steps towards humour alongside Julián López, Raúl Cimas and Ernesto Sevilla, whom he has known since university. Later, Carlos Areces and Ignatius Farray joined the group. All together, he created programmes that have marked the humour of an entire generation, such as La hora chanante and Muchachada Nui, featuring Joaquín Reyes, who also performed skits and impersonated different characters. Equally multifaceted, he is a comedian, cartoonist, actor, stand-up comedian, TV host, scriptwriter and now also a writer. His humour has always been his trademark, and he has just published his first novel with Blackie Books, ‘Subidón’.


Joaquín Reyes: Subidón

Un diálogo chanante


Joaquín Reyes y Ernesto Sevilla a cascoporro

Joaquín Reyes: Subidón