(Barcelona, 1943) began working as a journalist at a very young age, contributing to publications such as Fotogramas and the humour magazines Por Favor and El Papus. For decades she was notably linked to the newspaper El País, where she worked in all genres of journalism, from social chronicles and film reviews to war journalism. She is also the author of several books, including the comedy novels ‘Oh, es él!’ (Oh, it’s him!) and ‘Ceguera de amor’ (Blind Love). She became one of today’s leading novelists with ‘Mientras vivimos’, the novel that earned her the Planeta Award in 2000. In 2006 she received the Gold Medal for Fine Arts for her contribution to culture. Although she claims to be “today more than ever retired from the limelight”, she continues to appear in media such as Mongolia magazine and Buenafuente’s programme ‘Late Motiv’.


La vida es un Cabaret

Maruja Torres


La vida es un cabaret

Maruja Torres