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Ja! Festival2019
We are celebrating our tenth anniversary in the spirit of our trademark frugal austerity. The only self-indulgence was an exhibition featuring 195 photographs of guest authors and the festival's atmosphere since its first edition in 2010. Our last BBK Ja! Award was given to Elvira Lindo. That's why, on the poster, a Manolito Gafotas drawn by Emilio Urberuaga (the illustrator himself in the books) had knocked down and hammered the zero of a huge ten. A simple metaphor representing that we have reached a decade, although it's nothing to get carried away about. Antonio Muñoz Molina and the Romanian writer Tatiana Țîbuleac were among the guest writers with her recent success, 'El verano que madre tuvo los ojos verdes' (The summer my mother had green eyes).

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Elvira Lindo – PREMIO BBK Ja!

Elvira Lindo  – PREMIO BBK Ja!I

De Chernóbil al ocaso soviético

De Chernóbil al ocaso soviéticoI

El humor de la mafia

El humor de la mafiaI

Antonio Muñoz Molina

Antonio Muñoz MolinaI

Yo también quiero ser macho

Yo también quiero ser machoI

Manuel Vilas

Manuel VilasI

Ana Morgade

Ana MorgadeI

Maruja Torres

Maruja TorresI

El humor en la economía

El humor en la economíaI

Las viejas prodigio

Las viejas prodigioI

Tatiana Tîbuleac

Tatiana TîbuleacI

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