Was born in Arinzano (Lizarra-Navarra) in 1955 and lives in Bilbao. He was a member of the Maskarada Theatre group for several years and has participated as an actor in a number of plays staged by this group, such as ‘Negros’ by Darío Fo and Stalislaw Lem’s ‘Bitácoras estelares’. In 2000 he founded the theatre project Tartean along with Patxo Telleria and Jokin Oregi. In 2001, together with Patxo Telleria, he created the theatre project ‘ez dok Hiru Bikoteatroa’. They have been working together for years as an artistic duo in theatrical projects, creating, producing and performing plays such as ‘Euskara Sencilloaren Manifiestoa’ or ‘Desentxufatuak’. He has also worked as a director, actor, scriptwriter and assistant film director, as well as a teacher. He is the creator of the ‘Café Bar Bilbao’ theatre awards.