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Ja! Festival2015
The 6th festival featured the exhibition 'Quino por Mafalda', the most visited exhibition in the history of the Ja! A giant inflatable Mafalda, travelling from Buenos Aires along with the work to be exhibited, enthralled children and not-so-children. That year's award went to Fernando Trueba, who was humorously and profoundly interviewed at the Champs Elysées by his childhood friend Gran Wyoming. A particularly beautiful act was 'Humour in classical music'. Benet Casablancas, composer and expert on the subject, was interviewed by Enrique Portocarrero. A string quartet from the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra performed the pieces quoted by Casablancas at the other end of the stage.

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Fernando Trueba – PREMIO BBK Ja!

Fernando Trueba – PREMIO BBK Ja!I

El humor en el islam

El humor en el islamI

El humor en la música clásica

El humor en la música clásicaI

Humor ante el peligro

Humor ante el peligroI

Los tabúes del humor

Los tabúes del humorI

Reír bajo Hitler

Reír bajo HitlerI

Juan Bonilla & Eduardo Mendicutti

Juan Bonilla & Eduardo MendicuttiI

El humor ante el duelo

El humor ante el dueloI

Humour in Islam

Humour in IslamI

Carlos Areces & Antonio Resines: Comediantes

Carlos Areces & Antonio Resines: ComediantesI

Santiago Lorenzo

Santiago LorenzoI

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