Was born in Bilbao in 1960. In 1985 he began as a performer in the independent theatre company Maskarada, where he took his first steps as playwright. Since then he has combined playwright along with acting and directing. Together with Aitor Mazo and Lander Iglesias, he founded the company Txirene. In 2000 he founded the theatre project Tartean with Mikel Martinez and Jokin Oregi. Bikoteatro: Ez Dok Hiru, is his theatrical project with Mikel Martínez. Both have been working for years as an artistic duo in theatrical projects, creating, producing and performing plays such as ‘Euskara Sencilloaren Manifiestoa’ or ‘Desentxufatuak’. For a decade he combined his work as an actor and playwright with that of a television scriptwriter, writing scripts for series such as ‘Ertzainak’ and ‘Goenkale’. He also wrote and directed, together with Aitor Mazo, the films ‘La máquina de pintar nubes’ and ‘Bypass’.