Antonio Fraguas (Madrid 1942-2018). He worked at TVE until 1973. That year he began his long and prolific professional career devoted to graphic humour. He collaborated in magazines such as Diez Minutos, Hermano Lobo, Por Favor and El Jueves. From 1995 he published a daily joke in El País. He participated in radio programmes and directed two films and four comedy series for television, publishing El libro de Forges in 1972. Thousands of titles would follow. He received important awards in recognition of his terrible work. Forges was an artist of the highest level, also a linguistic creator, whose excellent humour will long endure among us.


El humor gráfico y la sátira política

Forges 50 Aniversario


50 Aniversario Forges

El humor gráfico y la sátira política

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