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Ja! Festival2010
We approached a new festival with great enthusiasm and inexperience (over the years, we have only lost the latter). In the beginning, we called ourselves La Risa de Bilbao. Semana Internacional de Literatura de Humor y Humor Gráfico, and our logo was naïve: a smiling tiny man holding an umbrella with rain pouring down inside it. Forges (whom we still miss) made the poster for us, became a good friend and always offered us his generous help. That first award went to Tom Sharpe, who was a great guy. The other two international authors were none other than Michel Houellebecq, who made a point of smoking in the room, and Martin Amis (he passed away in 2023), who was very stylish.

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Tom Sharpe – PREMIO BBK Ja!

Tom Sharpe – PREMIO BBK Ja!I

El humor inglés y el resto del mundo

El humor inglés y el resto del mundoI

El humor gráfico y la sátira política

El humor gráfico y la sátira políticaI

Martin Amis (V.O.S)

Martin Amis (V.O.S)I

Michel Houellebecq

Michel HouellebecqI

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