Velibor Čolić

Born in 1964 in the small Bosnian town of Modriča, deserted the Balkans War in 1992. Before being conscripted he was a journalist and writer. He also talked about music on the radio. After fleeing, he was captured but he managed to escape and he sought refuge in France, where he currently lives. He left behind his family, home and all of his manuscripts, which were destroyed by the war. In 1994 the French publisher, Le Serpent à Plumes published his extraordinary first book, Los bosnios (Periférica, 2013), which made him the centre of attention of critics. In 2016 Gallimard published Manual de exilio, recently translated into Spanish bythe publishing house Periférica, where Colic recounts with humour, brazenness and wisdom how he escaped from Bosnia and arrived in France as a refugee, going from being a normal citizen to a forced exile. 


El humor en el exilio

Manuel d’exil


El humor en el exilio