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Ja! Festival2017
During the 8th festival, we had a splendid exhibition devoted to the memory of the poet Gloria Fuertes, which was attended by many visitors and could be shown thanks to the Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre. The BBK Ja! Award went to the great American writer Joyce Carol Oates, who was delighted that the prize was awarded to her because of the humorous dimension of her work. Each programme event is introduced by a presentation video. Joyce, usually severe and distant, broke into a smile during the detailed interview conducted by Pilar Adón when she saw that the song chosen for her award was one of her favourites: 'Girl from the North Country', sung by Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

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Joyce Carol Oates – PREMIO BBK Ja!

Joyce Carol Oates – PREMIO BBK Ja!I

Javier Pérez Andújar & Luis Landero

Javier Pérez Andújar & Luis LanderoI

Los libros que nos marcaron

Los libros que nos marcaronI

Juan Carlos Ortega

Juan Carlos OrtegaI

El humor en el exilio

El humor en el exilioI

Manuel d’exil

Manuel d’exilI

Antonio Orejudo & Juan Pablo Villalobos

Antonio Orejudo & Juan Pablo VillalobosI

Ignatius Farray

Ignatius FarrayI

El humor en la pintura

El humor en la pinturaI

Joyce Carol Oates – BBK Ja! AWARD

Joyce Carol Oates – BBK Ja! AWARDI

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