Ja! Festival 2011

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Ja! Festival2011
The 2nd year. Little did we forget that it was stiflingly hot at the time of the edition (always in early autumn), as if it were a premonition of climate change. We held the only street show we have ever had. At nightfall, in front of the Arriaga Theatre, the mobile and flamboyant orchestra Le Snob performed; it was magical. The award was given to Francisco Ibáñez. We set up a large marquee in El Arenal for different uses. There, good old Ibáñez, accompanied by a massive queue of fans, was signing copies (one sketch for each one) for three hours. He didn't even get up to go to the toilet. And he didn't stay there any longer because we had to rush him to the airport so he wouldn't miss his flight.

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Francisco Ibáñez – PREMIO BBK Ja!

Francisco Ibáñez – PREMIO BBK Ja!I

Farmacopea, alcohol y drogas en la literatura

Farmacopea, alcohol y drogas en la literaturaI

El humor surrealista

El humor surrealistaI

Humor en la prensa

Humor en la prensaI

Pedro Reyes

Pedro ReyesI

Elvira Lindo

Elvira LindoI

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