Ja! Festival 2020

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Ja! Festival2020
The eleventh Ja! happened at the height of the pandemic. We were lucky, and on the dates of the festival, there was a decrease in the number of new infections. Even before that certain prosperity in Bilbao, we had already decided to hold the festival where guests and the public were gathered in the hall. Fortune rewards the bold, says Virgilio, and it worked out well. The public praised our foolishness and attended the events, eager for entertainment and humour in the wake of the lockdown. Under the circumstances, for example, we greatly appreciated the fact that Professor Carlos García Gual responded to our call. This year's poster was Noah's Ark, drawn by Asier Sanz, for the shelter and delight of the festival staff.

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Pantomima Full

Pantomima FullI

Tirad sobre el humorista

Tirad sobre el humoristaI

La Cultureta Gran Reserva

La Cultureta Gran ReservaI

El humor en Galdós

El humor en GaldósI

Marta Sanz

Marta SanzI

Magia parrastan

Magia parrastanI

La gran evasión

La gran evasiónI

El humor en la mitología

El humor en la mitologíaI

El humor en la pandemia

El humor en la pandemiaI

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